Do I have to be a member of Waterworks or Life center Plus to join the team?

No. Our team is separate. 

Are you a first time swim-league parent?

Rec league swim teams can sometimes feel like strange new territory for new swim parents! Don't worry - you're not alone! 

How do I get ready for that first practice?

What do I bring? What do I not bring? What do I do? We have all the answers here for Preparing For Your First Practice.

What's with all the writing on the arms?

You may wonder why all these other parents are writing with a Sharpie on their child's forearm.  It is to help the children remember their events and what they are swimming.  We will post the heat sheet on the web site and at each meet, and this will show you what your child will be swimming that night.

Confused about the heat sheet?

This long list of children's names actually contains a lot of information if you know how to read it. The mysteries of this handy-little form are revealed in this tutorial,  How to Read a Heatsheet and Psych Sheet. Once you know how to read the heat sheet, you will know how to help your swimmer be on time to their scheduled events!

Confused about the meet entry roster?

Like the heatsheet, the entries list has a lot of information packed into a tight space. To help guide your swimmer on meet day, check out  How to read a swim meet entry.

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Mission Statement: The Waves Swim Team consistently strives to provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment that promotes physical, emotional, and social development for kids ages 5-18 years old in and out of the pool.

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